Longing in D Minor

Longing in D minor

I remember the day 

when you were swaying in the fray of music. 

The rhythm was felt deep in your heart whenever you fell apart 

from that crown of euphoria 

you called home. 

Watching you play “Guantanamera” with the soulful cadence of palm trees and the soft voice of the breeze. 

As I listened 

reality failed. 

Unreality became true 

and the only things left 

were me and you. 

You spirited me away 

to a forest of gray 

where no one lived. 

We were in a vast expanse of white where there was no plight 

just the song in my bones 

and your serenade in my blood. 

Forlorn and tremulous 

my thoughts had been 

but now they were simply lost to the wind. With your vibrato 

reaching a crescendo 

I knew the rapture would end soon. Like a snowstorm in June 

you ceased to exist 

in the middle of a crimson afternoon.


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