A Ballad Of Ink

(Oliver Perez)

You always knew deep down 

that one day 

you would wear the writer’s crown. 


You would scrawl words on the wall 

seeking an audience to enthrall. 


You could scream a verse 

while conjuring a fictional curse. 


You should chant a psalm 

while clutching the pencil with your palm. 


You withstood the pain of madness 

so you could draft sadness. 


You never knew how much I cared 

for your stories to be declared.


You would softly murder your darlings 

to reach a conclusion so startling. 


You could compose a melody 

worthy of complete fidelity. 


You should have sung an anthem 

for an idea to fathom. 


You withstood the anguish of desperation 

for a mindful creation. 


Yet I always knew deep down 

that every day 

you were mine to drown. 


Perhaps in a sea of words 

or an ocean of crimson ink 

You were dead in one god’s blink. 


Now I stand before your desolation 

with a heart full of elation 

For you were the path towards my salvation.


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