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The Record Underground is a music magazine giving the spotlight to indie and alternative music subcultures in Miami, Florida. Founded with a love for music and a love for South Florida, our goal is to provide a platform for musicians, writers, and photographers to share their craft with new audiences. Anything you want to know about the local scene we’ve got covered, from indie and alternative rock, to punk, metal, new wave, and anything in between. When live shows become increasingly inaccessible or when we’re surrounded by the paradox of musical choice, supporting local DIY musical spaces is essential to our work at the magazine. Whether it’s interviews with artists, music recommendations, photo sets, album reviews, or articles about the alternative scene here and the scene worldwide, we’re your one stop shop to find anything and everything. 

Keep our music and our culture alive. Rage and scream and celebrate the DIY scene. We all make this space. Welcome to The Record Underground. 

For business inquiries, contact us at recordundergroundmag@gmail.com